Propagating the new work disability paradigm for disability benefits & workers' comp systems


A feasibility meeting was held in Michigan on September 26, 2007.  Strong interest in holding a summit was expressed, and a Summit Planning Group was formed. The Michigan Summit was held in Lansing in May, 2009, and was a well-attended success. The final report has been released, and is available for you to download and read here: Michigan Summit Final Report.

Libby Child, a disability matters consultant, and Dr. Anthony Burton, an occupational physician from General Motors, co-chair the action group which was formed out of the Summit, and which is called Workability in Michigan.

For more information, or to get involved in Workability in Michigan, contact Libby Child at 616-581-2527 or or Dr. Burton at 734-481-5244 or

The Michigan group's web site is at

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