Propagating the new work disability paradigm for disability benefits & workers' comp systems

60 Summits Project: Status By Jurisdiction - U.S. and Canada




I = Inactive at this time - Want to get things started?

E = Exploratory discussions have begun - Want to be involved?

F = Feasibility meeting is scheduled / being planned - Want to participate?

G = A group has been formed and begun to plan a Summit - Want to participate?

S = A Summit event is scheduled - Would you like an invitation?

A = At least one Summit has already been held; an action group is following up. Want to be involved?

C = At least one Summit has been completed, but no follow-up group exists. Want to get things started?

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Exploratory discussions are already underway with interested people in this jurisdiction. We would like to talk to more people and organizations in a variety of sectors (employment, healthcare, insurance, organized labor, non-profits, government, etc.) who are interested in possibly getting involved. Please call us at 877-60SUMMITS (877-607-8664) or send us an email telling us a bit about yourself and including your contact information. We will get in touch when the time is right -- when things start moving.

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A meeting has been scheduled to explore the desirability and feasibility of holding a Summit in this state or province.

Attendees at this Feasibility Meeting will represent many professions and sectors -- anyone who regularly gets involved when illness or injury in an employed person threatens their ability to stay at or return to work. This Feasibility Meeting is appropriate for persons of good will with a genuine interest in improving the way the disability benefits or workers' compensation system serves both ill/injured employees and their employers -- and who are willing to put their shoulders to the wheel to achieve positive system change.

For details, call us at 877-60SUMMITS (877-607-8664) or send us an email with your contact information.

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A group of local stakeholders has decided to hold a Summit and the planning effort is now underway. Specifics such as date and location have not yet been set. For more information or to get in contact with the local Summit planners, call us at 877-60SUMMITS (877-607-8664) or send us an email with your contact information.